To celebrate Daytona 500 win, Alltel giving away free minutes


I have met only one person in my life who uses Alltel and she was from the deep dark South, so maybe this post is for her.

Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 at the weekend; he was alarmingly gracious when I saw him on SportsCenter. (Larry the Cable Guy insists that the race is pretty much sacred in the South. I trust his opinion.) How does this tie into Alltel?

Alletl is Newman’s main sponsor. What else could it have been?

In celebration of Newman’s win—it was the 50th anniversary of the race—Alltell will give 500 bonus minutes to new subscribers and current subscribers who add an additional line to their account. Alltel’s also giving away a Samsung Hue with the purchase of one—buy one, get one free. Easy enough.