Go ahead and buy the standalone Rock Band drums

drums If you’re like me, you used to play drums all the time and then you lived in apartments during and after college so you stopped playing but then eventually you bought a house but for some reason never got another drum set and then you moved to Boston where you currently live in an apartment again but someone gave you Rock Band as a wedding present and you find that the drumming aspect of the game to be fun, fun, fun.

Now THAT’s a run-on sentence. What a rush!

Anyway in case you missed it, you can now buy just the Rock Band drums for $80. You can even hook up two kits at a time and challenge a real friend in real life. They should be appearing in local stores if they haven’t already (and in Canada within 2-8 weeks) or you can get them online at fine retailers like Amazon.com and other similar sites.

Rock Band Drum Kit Ships to Stores [TeamXbox.com]