GDC 2008: Game Developer Choice Awards roundup

zelda Hey Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, you earned it.

Nice work nabbing the Best Handheld Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Still selling like hotcakes after an October, 2007 release? Damn right.

Other winners include Portal (best video game, innovation, design excellence) and Bioshock (story writing, visual art, audio). Complete list of winners after the jump.

The recipients of the 8th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards are:

     2007 Best Game Design
     Portal (Valve)
     Kim Swift, Realm Lovejoy, Paul Graham

     2007 Best Visual Art
     BioShock (2K Boston/2K Australia / 2K Games)
     Scott Sinclair, Shawn Robertson, Andrew James

     2007 Best Technology
     Crysis (Crytek/Electronic Arts)
     Cevat Yerli, Douglas Binks, Timur Davidenko, Martin Mittring

     2007 Best Writing
     BioShock (2K Boston/2K Australia / 2K Games)
     Ken Levine, Emily Ridgway, Joe McDonagh, Susan O’Connor

     2007 Best Audio
     BioShock (2K Boston/2K Australia / 2K Games)
     Eric Brosius, Pat Balthrop, Emily Ridgway, Justin Mullins

     2007 Best Debut
     Crackdown (Real Time Worlds / Microsoft Game Studios)
     Ramon Gonzalez, Violetta Sanchez, Rafael Diaz, Jose Guerra

     2007 Innovation
     Portal (Valve)
     Kim Swift, Erik Wolpaw

     2007 Best Handheld Game
     The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo / Nintendo)
     Eiji Aonuma

     2007 Best Downloadable Game
     Flow (thatgamecompany / Sony Computer Entertainment)
     Kellee Santiago, Jenova Chen, Martin Middleton, Hao Cui, John Edwards,
     Nick Clark

     2007 Game of the Year
     Portal (Valve)
     Kim Swift, Erik Wolpaw

    Recipients for the evening’s special awards were:

     Lifetime Achievement Award
     Sid Meier

     Pioneer Award
     Ralph Baer

     Ambassador Award
     Jason Della Rocca

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