SpaceStation: It's pretty much an $80 USB hub


Here’s an experiment. Put two cables in the opposite corners of an empty room before you leave for work. When you return home, you should find that both cables have entangled themselves together. It works every time.

If such activity is taking place atop your desk, a myriad of cable management solutions are readily available, the newest of which is the Bluelounge SpaceStation. It’s basically a big, hollowed out USB hub with rubber on top of it and some cable hooks inside.


At $80, the SpaceStation teeters between expensive and downright ridiculously. Plastic plus hooks plus rubber plus a 4-port USB hub doesn’t add up to $80. I could see some suckers paying $50, with a selling price of $20 to $30 being more realistic. The features include a USB hub, an “internal coiling pin,” and feet. That’s it.

Bluelounge – SpaceStation [] via Crave