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ryan on DLO’s VideoShell: Put your nano down

I have taken a firm poop on my desk that could be used as a Ipod holder
It will be for sale soon for $19.99
I’m pretty sure I can produce one a day
each one will be unique and customizable to fit your Ipod or other portable media player
Shipping will be expensive

Phil on Emotiv to sell world’s first brain-controller for $299

My ten year old thinks it’s really cool. She wants to put it on, and use it to control me.

diem on Sonic booms recorded as Space Shuttle Atlantis breaks sound barrier upon re-entry

I grew up just outside of Edwards Air Force Base, and sonic booms were a constant feature in the late 70’s/early 80’s. They also used to land the space shuttle and haul it back to Plant 42 on a flatbed on the street in front of mny house. Imagine seeing the space shuttle 20 feet away moving 3 mph with very little security at 7 years old. Very very cool.