Upcoming Vuzix video glasses do 4-player splitscreen

av920c_split_screen Congratulations on a good idea, Vuzix. The new iWear AV920-C video glasses support up to four players and will show each player his or her respective corner of the multi-player screen. Great for games like…um…Doom, as seen in the Vuzix promotional photo on the left.

The glasses can connect to any NTSC or PAL video input and up to four sets can be daisy-chained together for a multi-player brouhaha, with each player selecting his or her own quadrant.

The internal lithium ion battery is good for six hours of play and the view from under the hood is equal to a 62-inch screen viewed from nine feet away, according to Vuzix. Each eyepiece does 640×480 resolution. The iWear AV920-C will be available in April 2008.

Price hasn’t been set but I’d expect it to be at least $350 given that the AV920 currently sells for that price.

Vuzix iWear AV920-C – High Resolution Big Screen Display [Vuzix.com]