IPhone SDK will be late, but there's seriously no reason to freak out


We’re not one to cause a mass panic in the markets but listen — the iPhone SDK is late. People are already selling Apple stock in droves and this could mean that Steve Jobs has gone completely power-mad and is now “marrying” his employees to each other and buying conservative newspapers in D.C. but none of this is necessarily true and it would be unwise to think so, even if you are an itchy analyst worried about iPhone flash memory shipments. If you are a developer working on iPhone applications, you’re just going to have to sit and wait (provided you don’t already have a dev kit and already have built a boat-load of apps for when the SDK does launch) and not get antsy. And if you don’t particularly care because you’ve been using third-party apps since the iPhone came out, then you’re in the right place.

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