Zatz likes the CradlePoint MBR1000 EVDO router very much


We might be seeing more hubs like this in the near future. As wireless broadband gets less expensive and technologies like WiMAX get competitive, 3G routers will start popping up. They’re relatively cheap and a great way to share a high-speed connection with multiple users in areas where you can’t get regular Internet access.

Dave Zatz likes the CradlePoint MBR1000, going so far as to suggest it might be the best EVDO router ever. We haven’t used it, so we can’t say, but it certainly sounds impressive; he was able to get it unpacked, configured, and running with his gear in less than five minutes.

But I’m not one to gush about tech I haven’t experienced myself, so pop over to Dave’s excellent site and have a look for yourself.

CradlePoint MBR1000: Best EVDO Router Ever? [Zatz not funny]