Hands on with the Samsung M520 for Sprint


So we’ve got the M520 on hand at the office and our first impressions are positive for this slider from Samsung. Compared with the Helio Mysto from Samsung, the M520 is slightly wider and maybe a smidgen thicker, but overall it ‘feels good in my hands.’ For an ordinary looking slider, the M520 has a few things under the hood that may surprise you. It obviously has the necessities that we’ve all grown to love such as an MP3 player, 1.3-megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom (does video too), stereo Bluetooth, microSD slot (64MB card included), and a Web browser. Those, in itself, are pretty ho-hum and not very enticing, but how does built-in GPS, ability to tether to your laptop, and background music mode (rock out to your music while texting, playing games or browsing the Internet) tickle your fancy? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s also Samsung’s first slider to run on Sprint’s Power Vision doohickey. Per the usual we’ll have a full review in the next week or so while we put it through the ringer. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.