TalkShoe Now Available on iPhone

The community chat service that brings together phone callers and online chatters is now available on the iPhone. TalkShoe is designed for talk shows, podcasts or corporate events. Users are able to join events via a phone or computer, where they can listen or talk depending on how the host sets up the event. Participants can also join in using Skype or Voice over IP (VoIP) services as well. Users can record the event as a pod cast and listen to it later.

The iPhone version of TalkShoe Web allows users to participate in community calls. TalkShoe users can also use their iPhones to conduct and manage community calls. Up to 250 people can participate in live talk. The iPhone interface allows a one-click link to dial in and participate in favorite talk shows. So if you like to talk, or just listen to know-it-alls, fire up your iPhone and connect with people who have similar interests. Who knows, you might make some new friends.