Don't worry, There Will Be Blood still on track for April HD DVD release


There’s confusion surrounding the pending high-def release of There Will Be Blood. The movie, which will be released here in the U.S. by Paramount on HD DVD, was scheduled for an April 8 release. Then it disappeared from Paramount’s site. Axed?

No. Hardly.

Apparently Paramount was just restructuring its Web site to reflect a new March 4 release detail embargo. Basically, until March 4 you won’t hear a damn thing about its release.

There Will Be Blood is one of the highest profile HD DVD releases due this Spring. (Others include Bee Movie, Sweeny Todd and Into the Wild.) So despite Toshiba’s throwing in the towel, certain studios here will support the format for a little while longer. Don’t trash your player just yet.

Paramount Nixes ‘There Will Be Blood’ HD DVD? (UPDATED) [High Def Digest]