Sony's new Walkmen have Bluetooth, noise cancelling, 16GB

Sony’s got its new Walkman-branded mp3 players out there, in three major flavors. The model numbers are incomprehensible as usual, so we’ll simplify them: the 710 more compact, with a small 1.8″ screen, and is limited to 8GB. The 720 series is bigger, with a 2.4″ screen, and goes up to 16GB. They both share Sony’s noise cancelling technology, which I was initially skeptical of but have now accepted as not entirely snake oil. Their big brother, the 820, adds Bluetooth support to the package, so you can use those wireless headphones. All the players boast 30+ hours of battery life for audio, and 10+ for video, which is pretty sweet. Expect to pay $150 for the low end and $300 for the high end versions.

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