Cops foil ephebophiliac's kidnapping with text messages


David Anthony Faboo, pictured, is in trouble. The 37-year old allegedly met a 16-year old girl on MySpace. He then went to her house a short distance away and picked her up, likely for illicit underage sex. After a few hours of driving north, the girl changed her mind and started texting her friend. With the help of her cell carrier, the police were able to triangulate where they were on I-5, heading north towards Washington State. The cops found the truck, pulled it over, and arrested Faboo on kidnapping charges.

Here’s what we learn from this: don’t try to hook up with underage girls on MySpace, and if you do, then make sure they’re not texting a trail right to where you are.

Text messages lead police to girl, suspect on the road [SacBee]