PSP Go! Messenger gets green light on Friday

gow_psp_back.jpgThat’s the new God of War PSP we told you about yesterday.

Sony is set to launch their proprietary VoIP service dubbed Go! Messenger this Friday via the European PSP store. Again with the Europe-only-love, Sony? The service, for those unfamiliar, allows any and all PSP owners to send and receive voice and video messages (granted you have a PSP camera attachment) over a Wi-Fi connection. It’s very much akin to Skype for PSP except you don’t have to pay for it other than the purchase of the aforementioned camera and communication is limited to other Go! Messenger users. There are no plans to bring this service to the US, which was done in collaboration with BT on the other side of the pond. CVG reckons US owners can log into the Europe store and download the application, but I’m not entirely sure how well that will work, if at all. We’ll find out in a couple days.

PSP Go! Messenger out Friday [CVG]