Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video Link module

Here’s some interface footage of Sony’s $299 DMX-NV1 BRAVIA Internet Video Link module. It’s basically a box that pops into the back of newer Sony TV’s via HDMI that can support downloadable video, weather, news, and traffic information from Sony’s content partners. All the data is pushed, so the unit updates itself.

There are currently 15 content channels provided by partners like CBS, Ford Models, FEARNet, Timeless TV, Singing Fool music videos, Video Detective movie trailers, educational videos, Sports Illustrated, and YAHOO! and AOL content. Content is currently free but Sony’s planning to offer premium content like movie downloads in the near future. What’s available currently may or may not be ad-supported. That’s all up to the content provider. The box supports content up to 1080P but everything is currently in standard definition. That, too, is up to the content provider.


The DMX-NV1 module is the first in the line of such modules that Sony will be offering. Modules will start at $199 and go up from there. The whole idea is to, according to Sony, “future proof” your television. Automatic downloads will add features like Sony’s DLNA home networking, allowing you to share content between different module-equipped devices. Support for Windows Media features akin to a Windows Media Center extender seems to be coming soon, as a Sony rep said “We’re investigating it…We’re close.” They kept saying “stay tuned,” hinting at near-future updates. 

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