A little social innovation for the weekend?

If you’re into the idea of putting your finely honed commercial web dev and strategy skills to the benefit of society then check out Social Innovation Camp 4th-6th April. The basic idea is to get a group of software developers and designers together with social entrepreneurs and people who fund/provide in-kind support to early stage start-ups for 48 hours over the weekend. Think of it as a cross between Seedcamp and a Hackday, but for social change. The ‘call for ideas’ lasts for another week – it closes on Friday 7th March. So far ideas submitted include Barcode Wikipedia, a tool for sharing cycle routes in London and an idea for how the web could help the UK prison system become a more humane institution for those with friends or family serving jail terms. The original idea and funding proposal came from Dan McQuillan of the Make Your Mark Campaign, Paul Miller, co-founder and CEO of web start-up, School of Everything and Christian Ahlert of OpenBusiness and Minibar. Funded from NESTA, Yahoo! is the tech partner and the Young Foundation is providing in-kind support.