Details emerge about new LG KF-series fashion phones

lg-kf510-slider-touchscreen-touchpad Unwired View has some details about LG’s upcoming line of KF-series phones. Apparently we might expect to see the fancy KF750 phone and the KF240 music phone at CeBIT next week.

The KF750, pictured left, “appears to be a stylish high end touchscreen slider (above), with a new and interesting take on a navigation touchpad, which is something of a cross between the ones found on LG KF510 and LG KF600 handsets,” according to Unwired View.

It’ll also feature a 5-megapixel camera, 160MB of onboard memory, and a microSD slot. The KF240 music phone should be announced tomorrow and there’s apparently a KF300 model coming out, although details are sparse at this point.

LG KF750, LG KF240 and LG KF300 “Fashion” phones in the works [Unwired View]