Edge magazine thinks Xbox 360 may have peaked


Edge magazine makes a bold claim with its article “Is Xbox 360 Past Its Peak?” Mary, Mary quite contrary. In just over 3,000 words, the magazine explains why Microsoft’s console may have already reached its zenith, with the only direction it can go from here on out being down. It’s sorta like a message board post entitled “The 360 is fairies,” but one backed with research and facts.

It’s a pretty decent article, one certainly worth the few minutes it takes to read. Some of the major points:

• Microsoft can no longer afford to simply throw money at Xbox and hope for the best. Reason being, the Xbox division represents 18.25 percent of Microsoft’s overall business. Xbox is no longer a toy or experiment.

• Microsoft’s dependence on Halo is alarming. (Neither Sony nor Nintendo depend on one IP to the same extent.) The game sells systems like nothing else. What happens if nothing else shows up?

• Xbox Live Arcade, so far, is more about nostalgia than bringing in casual gamers.

• The Red Ring of Death and all that entails

And so on. Basically, it’s a piece urging everyone to be cautious as it relates to calling the 360 a runaway success or the clear winner of this generation.

FEATURE: Is Xbox 360 Past Its Peak? [Edge]