Siafu computer interface changes shape when exposed to electrical charges


Hopefully you’ve all seen Batman Begins, otherwise the following explanation won’t make any sense. Remember when Morgan Freeman was showing Christian Bale around Wayne’s gadget basement or whatever it was called? And he showed him the material that Batman’s cape was made? Like, it’s flexible like any fabric, but once you run a charge through it it holds its shape? Well that same concept—a material that changes its shape until you run a charge through it—is at work here.

This computer concept, the Siafu, is aimed at people with vision problems. It’s simply a flat surface, like a keyboard without the keys. Once you run a current though the main ingredient, which is called Magneclay, it keeps the desired shape. That picture above is the best illustration of the phenomenon.

It’s designed by Jonathan Lucas. It’s also the type of innovation I applaud (as opposed to a lot of the Web 2.0 fluff I see lauded every other day).

Metamophing Computer Interfaces [Yanko Design]