UBS sez 3G iPhone here in 6 months, chip made by Infineon


The 3G iPhone. One week we hear it’s coming out before the end of the year, the next we get speculation that it won’t be released at all. So confusing! UBS threw its hat into the ring today and gives us its own prediction for the release—within six months, or by September. (Apple usually hold events in September, right? Oh, dear…)

And that’s not all UBS had to say. It believes that the 3G chip itself will be produced by Infineon Technologies AG, a German corp.

You know what? If the 3G iPhone does come out I’ll probably get it, if only because I’m tired of “borrowing” Biggs’ better-than-mine phones.

3G iPhone To Include Infineon Chip, Launch By Mid-Year: UBS [Dow Jones/CNN via iLounge]