UCCTOP Xeno: a hardcore video mixing station in an enormous laptop

This is a different kind of sexy. For those of you who like ’em big (and hairy as hell) this is your laptop. It’s decked out with all kinds of hardware for live encoding and decoding, mixing multiple channels, and controlling multiple inputs and outputs all from the same station. It’s also the size of a bull moose. Still, it makes for a great option for the future press who at the moment use entire vans’ worth of gear to do an on-location report; now they can just use this thing, although I guess they can still ride in the van.

I’m not sure if I want one; I’m more into post production in Premiere or Final Cut than live transmission , but the very idea of having such a filthy-looking and gigantic laptop with a badonkadonk jog dial is tempting. And the site’s broken English is so encouraging: “Be Producer! Make Movie! Do Broadcast!”

Product Site
[via BB Gadgets, via OhGizmo]