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Neil on Han Solo Carbonite Desk: Exactly what it sounds like, as cool as it sounds

I would imagine Jabba didn’t use Han in Carbonite as a desk because his hands were barely functional enough to grab Leias ass, much less hold a pencil.

Samantha on What does Sprint’s new unlimited plan mean for MVNO Helio?

If you are looking for an unlimited plan. I would not get any of the large providers until I check out http://www.heliounlimited.com. That is where you get a fair shake on what is truly unlimited versus just hype. If you look at the fine print of any large carrier plans they do not include everything that you would see in the Helio All In Unlimited plan which is just $99 right now.

Big Dave on Help Key: How to download off Usenet like a champ

Can we kick this Nicholas Deleon off the internets? This is the same guy who posted about oink then subsequently killed it. Seriously I think this might be a job for Anonymous! I know they are not my personal army but it think its time something is done.