What a concept: iMac iView has curved display


A man with a stunningly Portuguese name (Nuno Teixeira) has designed an iMac with a curved screen. Called the iMac iView, the concept uses a curved screen because such a screen is better suited to the curvature of the human eye. If the idea sounds familiar, that’s because Alienware demoed a similar display at CES earlier this year. Biggs poo pooed the idea of such a monitor:

No availability or release date, but listen, kid. You have a long life ahead of you. There are girls to meet, beaches to hang out on, things to learn. Don’t be the guy with the big weird three-foot surround monitor. Just don’t do it.

The iView also has an LCD on the back along with two built-in Web cams. Again, she’s just a concept, so don’t get too worked up about it.

Curved iMac has your back… [Yanko Design]