Will people still respect iPhone and iPod Touch in the morning after the SDK launches?

[photopress:steve_jobs_iphone_opens_up.jpg,full,left]So here we are less than a week away from the release of the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK from Apple, and already people are getting cranky.

The good people at iLounge are pretty sure that at least three of aspects of the yet-to-be-announced plans are going to piss people off. But really, every time Apple does anything, people get pissed off.

The trio of issues is as follows: People are going to be upset that they can only download apps via iTunes, Apple will select exactly which apps iTunes will carry, and app makers won’t have access to the dock connector, so add-on GPS, Bluetooth dongles, and other hardware won’t be available.

The article breaks it down with details and, if you’re an iPhone or fellow iPod Touch user, definately worth a read.

iPhone/iPod SDK: Apple to approve, distribute apps, limit add-ons [iLounge]