How come nobody told me about the Dallas airport?


I recently missed a connecting flight from Vegas to Dallas to Boston, so I had some time to kill at DFW. My flight was leaving out of the D terminal and let me tell you, there are some strange and wonderful things there. From weird vending machines to massive structures right in the middle of everything, here’s some cool stuff I found.

iPod Vending Machine

The iPod vending machine isn’t anything new but I thought I’d toss it up here to get it out of the way and to possibly introduce it to people who haven’t seen or heard of one yet. Some of these photos are blurry, sorry. I took them with my phone. 

Sony Vending Machine


This I hadn’t seen before. Similar to the iPod vending machine, except the Sony vending machine had stuff in it like PSP games, the Sony eBook reader, and various digital music players and headphones.

Proactiv Vending Machine


For those times when you just can’t wait to start a rigorous long-term commitment to clean and healthy skin via an expensive skin care system, there’s the Proactiv Solution vending machine. If you were to ask me to make a list of the absolute last things I’d ever expect to see in vending machines, this might be on that list. Very weird.

Rent-a-Laptop Vending Machine


Just $6.95 an hour for a laptop? Not too bad, I guess. What is unfortunate, however, is that an airport as technically advanced as DFW doesn’t offer free wireless internet. You have to pay for it via T-Mobile. Not cool, DFW. Why can’t you be more like DIA?

Money Vending Machine and Phone Card Vending Machine


Now I’ve seen it all! Actually, this is nothing. Can you believe I’d do that to you?

Giant Hand Holding a Samsung Phone with a Working Video Camera


Sure, why not? This big hand is holding a Samsung camera phone. The hand constantly rotates around and around. If you look closely, you can see me on the camera’s screen. Again, sorry about the blur. I get so nervous when I’m taking photos of something that’s gonna be on the internet for tens of people to see. Tens!

Giant Castle Structure That People Can Walk Through


It’s just like how it sounds. A big castle thing right in the middle of a very busy through-way. People would cautiously walk around it. I walked right through and was no worse for wear. The spires of the castle appear to be office buildings or something.

Big Field of Colorful Window Things That Make Noise


Things were starting to get weird at this point. This is called “Circle – An Urban Musical Instrument” by artist Christopher Janney. There’s a rhyming riddle right in the middle (hey, that just rhymed too!) that says…


…and as you walk through the structure, it makes sounds like wind chimes and pipes and stuff like that. I just stood in the middle of it and stared at my hand for a while.

Samsung Flat Panel TVs Everywhere


Samsung has to be some sort of sponsor at DFW or something because these TVs are all over the place. Always at least two, back to back, at every gate. And they’re not hanging way up in the air, which is nice. They’re at a comfortable viewing level with a circle of chairs around them, like a weird living room that’s sometimes full of strangers.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport [Airport Website]