Ballmer goes green at CeBIT


Peter and I got in too late to go to any of the first day stuff — we were stuck in a goddamn airplane the size of a raisin box — but it seems Steve “The Animal” Ballmer got up and whispered sweet nothings into Angela Merkel’s ear.

He began by describing the next wave in computing involving wireless broadband everyway and natural user interfaces AKA not Windows. He then when on talk about social networking, education, and going green, a charming sentiment to be sure. He then strummed a lute and intoned:

As computing continues to become more powerful, more affordable and more connected, it will not only enable those of us who live in places like Hannover and Seattle to lead better lives, it will give billions more people around the world a chance to take advantage of incredible new social and economic opportunities so they can lead better lives, too and that, will truly be revolutionary.

Nice talk from a guy whose lunch is being eaten by Google.

Opening Speech Steve Ballmer [CeBIT]