Only 1 percent of adults regularly download, watch movies from Internet


No one’s downloading movies from the Internet. “No one,” here, means about 1 percent of adults with broadband connections. That hardly bodes will for Apple TV and the like.

A recent survey conducted by research outfit the Diffusion Group found that only 1 percent of adult with broadband frequently download movies (legally) from the Internet from places like iTunes and Vudu. A more respectable 9.5 percent of the same demo have downloaded at least one movie once. I’ve downloaded plenty of movies, just, uh, not using those services; other, less mainstream ones are significantly cheaper.

What could possibly explain why people appear to be so hesitant to make the plunge? For one, people like watching movies on the big screen, that is, their TV. (Unless we’re talking cellphones, where some 2 percent said watching a movie there would be an important ability to have.) When you’ve got to shell out X Amount to buy an Apple TV (or equivalent device) just to be able to watch a movie on your TV, people get turned off. And hardly anyone thinks stringing an HDMI cable the computer to the TV is practical.

Looks like this whole “movies on your computer screen” isn’t quite figured out yet.

A Tough Sell: Movies on Small Screens [New York Times]