O2's bum deal for Irish iPhone customers

O2 is heading for a massive own goal in Ireland where it recently launched the iPhone. After the announcement last week the 02 Ireland CEO said – in an amazing display of barely concealed contempt – “I’d say your Apple freaks will be queuing out the door when we launch”. This really does show that they mis-understand the sophistication of the Irish mobile market, which, by indication, has a plethora of mobile and telecoms startups.

The biggest complaint is about the tarrifs. As well as there being no visual voicemail for the Irish iPhone, the comparison between the UK and Irish tariff is insulting:

35.00 GBP = 45.81 EUR

o2 – UK
£35 – 600mins – 500texts

o2 – Ireland
€45 – 175mins – 100texts

In other words O2 Ireland is ripping off Irish mobile consumers. It can’t be better put than by MaxRoam startup CEO Pat Phelan, who is doing the rounds of the Irish news media today about the Issue (Qik video below).