Affordable NAVIGON 2100 max, 2120 max announced

navigon It’s nice to see GPS devices come out near the $300 point that don’t skimp too much on features. The NAVIGON 2100 max and 2120 max were announced today at CeBIT and feature a 4.3-inch widescreen display, text-to-speech directions, and “NAVIGON’s exclusive Reality View, which provides 3D guidance when approaching highway interchanges.”

There’s also a feature called “DirectHelp” that “pinpoints a user’s location and provides instant links to nearby services such as hospitals, pharmacies, and roadside assistance.” The only difference between the 2100 max and the 2120 max is that the 2120 includes maps of the US and Canada, while the 2100 just has the lower 48.

NAVIGON also announced its “FreshMaps” service, which updates your maps and points-of-interest up to 12 times over three years so you’ll always have up-to-date directions. The 2100 max costs $299 and the 2120 max costs $329. If you’re looking for a great deal, Amazon has the non-max version of the 2100 for $160. It’s got most of what the 2100 max has, except for a smaller 3.5-inch 4:3 screen.

NAVIGON’s New GPS Devices Earn Their Name [NAVIGON Press Release]