Jeremy Piven uses a BlackBerry Curve (plus other fun facts)


I’d like to echo Laptop’s synopsis of last night’s Microsoft event (fact: “event” is journalese for party) that, ostensibly, launched Office Live. (It’s a bit like Google Docs. In fact, it’s a lot like Google Docs.)

First, Jeremy Piven was there… for approximately 18 seconds. He’s sorta on the short side. He uses a BlackBerry Curve, for you nosey celebrity types.

But now for the gossip.

So when you go to these type of events it’s mainly writers from all types of media (bloggers, magazine folks and so forth) and a few hangers-on. Not last night. Apparently Microsoft has money to burn because something like 20-30 percent of the people in attendance were hired models. Microsoft (well, its Office PR firm) brought in the beautiful people by the busload. One of the so-called beautiful people (who I rated a 24 on the 1-30 hotness scale—I’ll explain it some other day) was actually a Columbia medical school student. Needless to say, when I was asking these model types what the event was for, they pretty much all replied “some computer thing.”

Some computer thing indeed.

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