Nike and Apple burrow further into the lives of gym bunnies

As if it wasn’t enough that your Nano was counting your every step through the chip in your Nike+ shoes, now it can track every mile you pretend to bike at the the gym. Ellipticals and such, too. They’re teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness and some Virgin thing to provide machines that track your use, assuming you have the time and inclination to plug your gear into the the thing’s port. You can then take it home and plug it in at home, at which point it will upload its data to the Nike site, where you can go to check it.

Really, now. The thing should be wireless, for one thing, and all the data should be displayed on the device, for another. It’s great that this stuff is being tracked, but if it adds too much to someone’s routine, they’re not going to think it worth the trouble.

Apple, Nike to tie iPod Nanos to gym equipment