Truphone fires its low call charges at operators

Truphone, the UK startup which allows you to make VOIP calls from your mobile, has announced its first pricing structure. From March 1st, customers will be able to call 40 countries from anywhere on the planet for 3 pence per minute to landlines and 15 pence per minute to mobiles. This is aimed at the roaming charges levied by most mobile operators. Calls to other Truphone users remain free. All this is assuming you can get the client software on your handset, which works best on the Nokia N-Series.

The charges apply to most EU countries plus Australia, Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. A 10 minute call from Europe to a UK landline with Vodafone’s International Call Saver option currently costs a UK Vodafone customer £3.80. Truphone says the same call on their service would cost 30 pence. Truphone users also get to receive calls for free, while a UK Vodafone customer on its International Call Saver option is currently charged 75 pence per minute to answer a call in the USA.

Truphone has $24.5 million in financing but last year T-Mobile, an investor in competitor Jajah, kicked Truphone off their network.

Here’s a picture of them in their London offices: