Apparently the Apple store is a great place to pick up guys other than myself

The ladies at the *Sugar network have discovered that the Apple store in SF is full of geeky single guys. I think that’s actually in the yellow pages description of the store, but they decided to investigate. As expected, the store was packed with nerdy, semi-eligible men and very few women on the prowl. They documented their foray into the wild world of Macheads and now you can learn how it is ladies stalk their prey in a retail environment.

I’m not sure how this benefits most of our readers, since they are (studies show) for the most part asexual and sedentary, but those of you who are mobile and motivated might start using the Apple store as a pick-up spot; after all, ladies need iPods too. Be sure to use those tips you found on Attractology.

Can you pick up men at the Apple store? You Betcha! [GeekSugar]