Blinkx re-launches NowThen as moblogging site

Blinkx is re-launching it’s NowThen mobile picture upload social net, which has been languishing unloved for a while, into a moblogging site to compete with the likes of moblogUK. Initially developed for internal use (er, why?) NowThen will allow users to create create friend groups and assign privacy levels to them, not unlike Fickr

It has 2,000 registered users and will be heavily MMS oriented, and appears to be free, so it will be interesting to see how they monetise those MMS costs.

I asked Alfie Dennen of MoblogUk about the launch and he effectively said “eat our dust” (or words to that effect) which may mean MoblogUk is already the incumbent to beat or they have a few tricks left up their sleeves.