Employee claims Circuit City will let you exchange your HD DVD player for Blu-ray


A little birdie wearing the red of Circuit City whispered into Giz’s ear, saying that the electronics retailer will let consumers exchange their recently purchased HD DVD player for a shiny new Blu-ray one. Only players sold within the last three months qualify—Christmas shoppers would be right on the border of qualification—and Circuit City won’t be advertising the deal much; consumers will have to ask for the promotion on their own. You’ll also have to pay the price difference should any exist.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly burned by the whole HD DVD fiasco, you could also just ask for a gift card in exchange for your now-useless player and buy yourself a video game or two.

So far, Circuit City is the only U.S. retailer to offer this kind of promotion. A similar one was recently launched in Japan, but that’s all the way on the other side of the world. Now we wait to see if the other guys like Best Buy or Wal-Mart respond in kind.

Circuit City Trading In HD DVD for Blu-Ray Players, Says Employee [Gizmodo]