Indian corp teaches a lesson in launching WiMax network

This photo has nothing to do with WiMax and everything to do with tennis players in local garb

Well someone’s taking this WiMax thing seriously. Someone, donchta know, in India.

Tata, the giant Indian corp responsible for the $2,000 car and $20 cellphone, says it plans to have a WiMax network up and running by March, 2009. The network will cover some 200,000 people.

The corp says it will invest some $500 million over the next three years and plans to target businesses in more than 100 cities and consumers in 15 cities.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Sprint’s WiMax network to go live sometime this spring. One quick look at the calendar shows that Sprint has only a few weeks left if it wants to make good on that promise.

Tata Rolling Out Large WiMax Network in India [IDG/New York Times]