SwissMiniGun is two inches long, yet fires 300 mph bullets


So this here gun, the SwissMiniGun, is only two inches long, yet it’s characterized the same as a machine gun. Why? Mainly because, despite its small size, it can fire real bullets at a speed of nearly 300 mph (real speed: 270 mph).

The gun costs something like $6,000. Fancier guns, ones with diamonds and other gaudy gemstones, can be expected to fetch over $60K.


Right now, there’s a six-month waiting list to get the gun, plus the hoops you’ll have to jump through to import it into your country.

My favorite part is that manufacturer claims that U.S. authorities freak out when they think criminals will go through the trouble of obtaining a SwissMiniGun and all the required paperwork when they can just buy some Soviet machine gun in a minute. Common sense, people.

Introducing the world’s smallest gun that fires deadly 300mph bullets – but is just TWO inches long [Daily Mail via Drudge Report]