Time To Pick A Political Fight At Facebook

There is nothing like talking politics or religion as a sure fire way to pick a fight. But just saying you’re liberal or conservative isn’t really enough to get people going. That’s why it’s awesome that Facebook decided to let people add themselves to a named political party today on their profile. You can now choose from any of your country’s political parties via a drop down menu (although right now, all political parties from around the world seem to be an option).

You can now choose a political party as well as a religion, which gives people more ways to fight (I am a Pastafarian). All this structured data is hugely valuable to Facebook. They can target ads even more closely once they know which political party you’re associated with. Particularly this year, with billions going into advertisements for the presidential elections.

I chose to support the “Alliance For Congo’s Renewal” party for now. Just because I really don’t need to see any more political ads.