Kodak has a 3-inch OLED photoframe with digital TV

[photopress:ELTV_Front_s.jpg,full,center]The one thing I’ve had against digital photo frames is that they’re showy. They have to be backlit, which makes them stand out, and looks odd. OLEDs promise to make more realistic looking photo frames, and this cute little 3-inch model from Kodak is one of the first out of the chute.

At only 8mm wide, the ELiTe Vision KTEL-30W has a 3-inch OLED screen that’s self luminous and produces photo-real, natural-looking colors.

And it’s battery powered, meaning it’s made to be portable. And it’s got a 1Seg TV tuner built in. If you’re in a 1Seg-having country, this is a neat little portable.

3 inches wide organic EL one-segment TV Kodak ELiTe Vision KTEL-30W Product Overview [Kaga]