Hanrim wireless power transmission: Satellite power by year 2108

We’ve been seeing lots of cool wireless power applications this year and Hanrim had a good demo of a prototype phone with a wirless charging pad that you can use for multiple devices. They expect “remote power” — meaning a box on your wall that charges everything in the house at once — by 2015. More interestingly, they foresee satellites sending energy to the earth in about a century. Let’s hope this is one of those silly things that we’ll be laughing about on the CrunchGear International News Network while waiting in line for our teleportation to the Slave Mines of Mars in 2059. How wrong we were, we’ll say. Now that our alien masters have given us snarklefurtz crystals, power is free and abundant. Next on CrunchGear News Network: Anal gestation: are our alien masters going too far?

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