HTC jumping on the MID bandwagon this year


Word on the street is that HTC (makers of phones like the HTC Touch, the PPC-6xxx series devices, and more!) will be releasing Intel-powered MID devices this year. As you’ll recall from Intel’s recent Atom announcement, Mobile Internet Devices will play a key role in its strategy going forward.

HTC’s a good fit for this type of development and it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone that it’s working on these devices. I imagine we’ll see things that look similar to the Nokia N810 (if it had cell service) or the HTC Advantage, albeit with a much stronger, faster processor. The devices in the photo above are from Intel’s MID demo, so that seems to be the general idea.

Most of the first devices out of the gate will be scooped up mainly by early adopters, with a much bigger acceptance rate in 2009 when Intel’s thought to be releasing the second generation of the MID platform. The second generation is supposed to be cheaper, too. Most of the first generation devices should fall in around $600 to $800.

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