MagStay Pro makes your MagSafe stay Magged


I like a company that says “not everyone’s going to need or even understand our product” and is up-front about it, especially if it’s a product I really don’t get. The MagStay Pro is just such a product.

I think the MagSafe power adapters Apple built into its portables is just great, but some people apparently find themselves unplugging their laptops when they don’t mean to. Sure it’s a little annoying, but some folks just get livid. This the MagStay.

It attaches to the USB port next to the power port and holds the power cable firmly in place, so you don’t accidentally unplug it.

Kudos to ThoughtOut for coming up with this, and also for not talking down to those of us who don’t “get it”.

MagStay Pro []