Off to SXSW Interactive


So I convinced Bossman Biggs to let me go to south by southwest in Austin, Texas for CrunchGear. The show is split into music, film and interactive sections. I’ll be covering the interactive part over the next few days, armed with a digital camera and minimal knowledge of what I’m expected to do. I don’t think there’ll be much gear for me to write about, but I’ve been told that there’s more than a few things you guys will get a kick out of. General Internet culture, things we allude to in like every other post, that sort of thing. It should be good.

I’ll be traveling what looks to be all day long today—I think I have a connecting flight in Dar Es Salaam—but I’ll touch base when it makes sense.

Expect lots of fun, wacky utter nonsense.


sxsw interactive [sxsw]