PS3 – Spider-Man 3 = Customer service mix-up


So how exactly is it that Sony can have better customer service than NewEgg, the bastion of happy buyers? Consumerist has it from a customer who bought a PS3 from NewEgg that was pictured as including a copy of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray. When the package arrived, the movie was absent, and the packaging made no mention of the film being included.

When the customer called NewEgg support, he got the “not my problem” treatment. After he called Sony, they promised to send him a copy of the film for free.

This is unusual for two different reasons: Sony’s reputation is one of indifference to the end consumer, usually prompting unhappy buyers to deal with the retailers to fix their problems, whereas NewEgg is popular due to its “anything to make it right” mentality.

Of course, this could be an issue specifically with the PS3’s retail channels, as certain products are to be handled via the manufacturer and not the retail outlets, but NewEgg’s attitude is still troubling.

Newegg Doesn’t Deliver PS3 With Spiderman 3, Blames Sony [The Consumerist]