Vigor's Colossus PC runs everything, costs eight grand

colossus_landing_05.jpgAre you filthy rich and don’t get out much? Then this is the PC for you. I put together my own PC for a little less than a thousand and it runs everything decently (yes, Crysis), but if you’ve got the money I don’t, why not skip that audio system upgrade for the new Hummer and get this rig instead? Check out the stats: two Radeon HD 3870s in SLI, 8GB DDR2 800 RAM (why not DDR3 I wonder), two terabytes of HD space in RAID 0, a 1000W power supply, and a few more things, like enormous dual monitors. It’s configurable, of course.

It’s a beast, to be sure, but I don’t think the value’s there. For $8,000 you could build yourself two completely decked PCs, or if you build them like mine, eight. There’s no doubt it will chew up your games and spit them out, but if you’re that much of an enthusiast, you’d do better to spend a few hours on Newegg and Tom’s Hardware figuring out the best price for performance. Then go spend the difference on candy.

Vigor Gaming Unveils the Colossus PC Based on Intel’s Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform