Nicholas' notebook: Nowhere near SXSW yet, thanks Delta!


Never, ever fly Delta.

I was supposed to be covering SXSW for CrunchGear. Question—how am I supposed to cover the show if I never get to leave the Atlanta airport? That’s right, Delta, which fancies itself as an airline but that would require planes that take off and leave from airports, has screwed me so very, very hard. First, my flight from New York to was delayed by two hours. Whatever, it sucks but it happens. So I land in Hotlanta, where it was snowing this morning, and get put on, I think, five different standbys. Of course, I don’t get a seat on any of these. A friend of mine, who was scheduled to leave Atlanta, like me, a 3pm, somehow scored a seat on the 10pm flight. Or so she thought, because, two delays later, her flight was canceled. (Her bags are safe and sound in Austin, though. So says the airline.) Wonderful.

I spent the night at the Marriott in downtown Atlanta. That’s money out of my own pocket because Delta refused to hand out hotel vouchers. But it values my business.

So cool. I spend the night at the hotel and get up the next day thinking I had a signed, sealed and delivered 1:35pm flight from Atlanta to Austin. And I did. Until they delayed it again. I’m currently scheduled to leave at 3pm. My guess is that’ll never happen. I’m not joking when I say that I’m ready to go home and will never step foot in an airport again. Atlanta sucks. Delta sucks even more. And I’m missing SXSW. So if my coverage is a little lacking, it’s because I’m being screwed by the airline.

Never fly Delta.

Oh, and the Wi-Fi here only works on Windows. Super.

I was literally supposed to be in Austin 24 hours ago. Am I still supposed to pay full price for this ticket? Biggs, Arrington, any advice?