SXSW 2008: Reformat the Planet, a documentary on chiptunes


Ever hear of chiptunes? It’s s genre of music made using the blips and bloops of old video game systems. NES, Atari 800, GameBoy etc. The golden age of video games. Well as I was walking around the SXSW show floor, I saw this dude, GameBoy in hand, hooked up to a Marshall amp. Like, you expect power chords to come out of a Marshall amp, not GameBoy music. Hell, it got me to stop and I hate everything.

There’s a documentary on chiptunes that’s debuting here this week called Reformat the Planet. Schedule permitting, I plan to check it out tomorrow afternoon. How wise would it be to pirate it and release the CAM here?

Reformat the Planet [2 Player Productions]