Duck Hunt: The quest to shoot that damned dog continues


I’ve always wondered this about Duck Hunt for the NES: That snarky dog that laughs at you, is he there just to torment?

For those not in the know, Duck Hunt shipped with most US versions of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, normally packaged on the same cartridge as the seminal Super Mario Bros. In the game, you’d use the light gun (called the Zapper) to shoot ducks flying out of the tall reeds of some imaginary carnage-inducing marsh. If you hit a duck, your faithful dog would trudge through the muck to retrieve it. If you missed, however, the jerk would snicker at your expense.

Invariably, you would shoot at the little bastard, Cheney style.

Sadly, this resulted in nothing. Why, then, have the mockery?

As it turns out, in the arcade version of the game, you can shoot the dog. I must track down this version and do the deed. And yes, I’ll feel very good about myself.

Wondering what it looks like to shoot the dog in Duck Hunt? Hit the jump to see a still. You’ll thank me later.


Yah? Well you deserved it.

You CAN Shoot The Dog From Duck Hunt! Hallelujah! [I-Mockery]