Ericsson's Bergendahl: Wi-Fi's days are numbered

[photopress:johan_bergendahl_eri_19721c_1.jpg,full,left]Ericsson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Johan Bergendahl, said earlier today that he believes wireless broadband, known here as 3G, WiMAX, or a variety of other acronyms, will soon replace Wi-Fi as the de-facto wireless standard.

And he’s right.

Laptops are outselling desktops at a decent clip, and handsets are getting more and more powerful, with bigger, higher-resolution screens. The combination means we’re more mobile than ever, and that requires connectivity. Unless some big providers really step up their implementations, Wi-Fi will indeed go the way of the landline phone: It’ll never go away completely, but it won’t be our primary communications channel.

Ericsson predicts demise of hotspots [Infoworld]