Review: Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case


The Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof while at the same time allowing access to most of the Touch’s functions. While the extra added bulk might scare some people off, those who need maximum protection at a not-too-shabby price will appreciate this case.


The Otterbox Armor Series case protects an iPod Touch on all sides with impact-absorbing rubber while allowing use of the touch screen through a thin-but-tough membrane. There’s an external headphone jack that hooks into your iPod’s headphone jack, a rubberized main button, and a belt clip on the backside of the case.






The Armor Series feels like it can take a beating — like a drop from a moving car and getting run over by the car behind it kind of beating. It feels that tough.

I didn’t test the claim that the case is waterproof up to 3 feet or drop it out of a moving car because I’m not insane and the thought of replacing a device I bought for $400 and use almost every day makes me bunch up a bit. I would, however, take this out to the beach without worrying that I was going to ruin the precious cargo inside.

Also, at $50, the price is nice for what you get. It’s my opinion that too much of a premium is put on “rugged” devices and cases. You could probably find similar cases selling for $80 an up. This seems like a good value if you’re going to be using your iPod in some pretty rough conditions. Those of you in the military, especially, could use this.


One glaring drawback is that the Armor case makes your otherwise svelte and pocketable device into a considerably larger, plastic-covered device. You’d have to have mighty big pockets to carry this around without using the belt clip or the included lanyard. That being said, it’s being marketed for toughness, not portability.

The second minor gripe is that, while you’re still able to control the Touch, the gentle finger swoops that you’re used to become much more deliberate presses thanks to the membrane that covers the screen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that the screen even works while in this case. It looks like it wouldn’t. It’s just not as elegant. Also, the power button on the top of the iPod Touch gets covered up completely. Not a huge deal since the device will eventually go into sleep mode.

otterbox3 Other Stuff

This could be a pro or a con depending whom you ask, but the belt clip positions the iPod Touch upside-down (notice where the headphone jack is located in the photo on the right).

It works well for looking down and futzing with the controls, though.


The Otterbox for iPod Touch Armor Series case is a great buy for anyone looking for some serious protection. Everyone else could easily get by with a slimmer, cheaper solution. The build quality and the price of the Armor case make it a winner, though.

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